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Every day students work full of energy in their study. This often leads to useful insights and also increasingly complex challenges. This requires a continuous focus on professional and team development so that people can respond to those changes together. The smart method activates and inspires not only students but also the management and staff to further improve the quality of their professional development.

Build Your Future With the Smart Method Education

The smart method helps:

  • Environment – creating a professional learning environment;
  • SmartReading skills – helps dealing with diversity and future-proof skills from the content of the books and discussions;
  • Focus On People – developing personal and professional effectiveness;
  • Student Dedication – solving practical issues by working closely together;
  • Career Placement – The teacher to translate the smart method into good teaching in the classroom

Nowadays, students are faced with more complex problems and challenges. On the one hand, dealing with uncertainty, complexity, diversity, and on the other side, realizing innovations requires an attitude that embraces learning and performance.

But the question then is: How do you do that?

SmartReading can help developing an excellent way of learning to cope with these challenges. Focusing on the expertise of the students, the book reviews done with the smart method enhances collaborative and problem-solving skills. The students first learn the smart method because this will give them a kick start to read books in only a few hours and know it in detail. When finishing the books, the students share their knowledge in a virtual classroom. Discussing each other’s insights will solve existing problems efficiently by using their existing knowledge and new knowledge from the books.

In the virtual classroom, the students will work first under the guidance of the trainer, Paul van der Velde, accompanied by a teacher from the school. Paul has experience in guiding change processes in organizations. He knows how to ask great questions and when to let the process do its work.

The smart method gives a considerable boost—a boost to arrive at solutions. 

Timeframe and process

Timeline smartReading online & classroom sessions

1. There are 20 movies.

2. For each movie, an explanation is given of what to do and especially how to do it.

3. In between, you will find animations for extra clarification.

4. Follow at your own pace and preferably complete in 3 weeks. Total number of hours 16

5. Read three books. 2½ hours per book.


The online class sessions take place by zoom.

First classroom session – Introduction

  • Introduction in an online classroom. The duration of this introduction is a maximum of half an hour. In this session, we agree on the time for the second online class session and how to log in to the learning platform.
  • Follow the first eight films and complete the assignments within four days after logging in to the learning platform.

Second classroom session – explanation and question & answer

  • Then the second online class session takes place. This online class also lasts about half an hour. In this session, you receive an additional explanation for the follow-up, and there is room for questions. We agree on a time.
  • Follow the rest of the online training and complete the assignments. While following the online training, you read one book with the smart method.

Third classroom session – exchange experiences and question & answer

  • Then the third online class session will take place to exchange experiences and ask questions. The trainer provides additional tips and techniques when desired. This online class lasts approximately one hour.
  • After following the full program, you read two additional books with the smart method. Reading time per book is 2½ hours.

Fourth classroom session – book reviews question & answer

  • Then the essential fourth online class session takes place in which the book discussions take place. This book review with the mind maps is vital for the experience that it is possible to read a book with the smart method in about 2½ hours and discuss in detail. We need each other for this because it is not possible to give a book discussion with yourself.

After you integrate the smart method, stdying wil be like watching a movie

SmartReading online & virtual classroom is experienced as very pleasant because:

  • You follow the training at your location, and you do not have to leave the house
  • The online training lasts 16 hours, and online class sessions take place
  • You can read a book or equivalent in 2 to 3 hours with increased understanding
  • Attention is paid to the internal dialogue, wandering while reading, jumping back, and sometimes not knowing what has been read
  • Attention to annoying reading beliefs from the past
  • Attention to also read from digital devices
  • Time savings due to the efficient approach and cost savings
  • During the online process, the trainer has access to the answers sent

There can always be personal contact with the trainer for questions and comments through: Phone, email, zoom, skype, or otherwise.

Train the trainer for teachers

The train the trainer is for those teachers who want to facilitate their students after they have learned the smart method. We train a group of students in SmartReading with at least two teachers If one teacher, for any reason, no longer participates in the process in the educational institution, guidance can continue. A new teacher must then be trained to avoid ending the smart method in the educational institution.

The other non-participating teachers receive an information letter about SmartReading. The student starts reading according to the smart method, and some actions are entirely different from the existing reading method. At the educational institution, non-participating teachers receive a SmartReading information letter explaining what is different in the reading process. Through the information letter, non-participating teachers understand what the student is doing when they read the smart method to avoid any conflicting instructions.

Learn the best learning and reading techniques optimally in this way: inspiring videos, clearly written assignments, questions to be answered, and a clear workbook to support.

Support for the student and the teacher

• Online support through the SmartReading platform. 

• Email, zoom, and teams.

Investment educational institution, please ask for a quote.


Great benefits for the students who have dyslexia.

Dyslexia means that these students have difficulty with language. Because of this, reading, spelling, and writing are much more complicated than people who do not have dyslexia. It has nothing to say about their intelligence. 

The cause of dyslexia is still not entirely clear, but there are three theories in circulation:

  1. There is something wrong with the brain’s construction that causes the left hemisphere to develop more slowly than the right hemisphere.
  2. Part of the information processing in the brain is not fast enough.
  3. There is a decreased activity in the brain areas for word recognition and word analysis.

The theories mentioned above for the causes of dyslexia no longer have to be a cause with this new method of reading. Because with the smart approach, students read more visually, they read much faster, so their thoughts no longer stray. Because the students read quickly, their concentration will increase to record more details and therefore go more in-depth while reading. Because of this, the students will stumble less about words, and they will not have to jump back in the text, which will save them much time.

See the movie below

With the smart method, the ‘vocalizing reading’ is partly replaced by visual reading, which is much more pleasant and less tiring. Learning skills increase, and the dyslexia experience is reduced and, for some, disappeared.

Students with dyslexia experience the benefits immediately because of the automation of reading changes with the smart method.

Learn the best learning and reading techniques optimally in this way: inspiring videos, clearly written assignments, questions to be answered, and a clear workbook to support.

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