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SmartReading is a proven advanced study method and quick reading method, which has been in existence since 1992, along with its European patent. Today, thousands of people use SmartReading as their preferred reading method. We teach educators, managers, students, and children aged 11 and over. What they have in common is the fact that they all want to make the most of life. By spending less time on the same amount of reading material, SmartReading helps students ease their workload, and it facilitates corporate life by reducing expenses.

Read 250 pages in one to two hours and know more!

Internal dialogue & NLP

You usually probably get distracted by that little voice inside your head, your internal dialogue. By learning how to SmartRead, you will not get distracted anymore.

How is that possible, you think?

Well, that is because SmartReading uses techniques NLP, which stands for neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is the study of human behavior. The cool thing is, if you understand NLP, it is possible to create the best possible neural pathways in line with your outcome. We have 25 years of experience in NLP and managed to make a training called SmartReading, which teaches you to create neural pathways for the best result in reading and studying.

You’ll be able to read more visually, like watching a movie, which results in remembering better, better comprehension, and you can analyze the material in a better way.

Using your brain differently helps you read ‘faster than fast’ while at the same time making it easier to remember what you have just read. This online training will teach you to enhance your reading efficiency, allowing you to save enormous amounts of time assimilating and processing written and digital information.

So, this training is for you; and about how you will make considerable improvements in your work and the way you process information.

The benefits of SmartReading!

  1. Fully adapted to your learning style.
  2. Visual reading improves your memory.
  3. Create a new reading and learning style
  4. Discover new possibilities in education and employment

Due to many years of experience, SmartReading has developed into a unique speed-reading method and personal development not to be found anywhere else.

  • International Focus – We work in virtual classrooms with participants around the world
  • Team Courses – Teams in companies benefit because of the combined approach; Action Learning and the smart method
  • Education and students – We have a lot of action learning coaches to assist the students
  • Student Dedication – The motivation is excellent because we support each other
  • Career path – Huge growth in your studies and at work

A big step forward!

SmartReading has a unique approach to training. It was patented in the European Union. Since 1992, we have been providing “brain-friendly” training that delivers immediate results to you. In the meantime, hundreds of managers have gone for SmartReading to improve their capabilities. No other discipline can provide the value that the smart method offers you by increasing your creativity, your ability to learn, memory, and the application of what you’ve learned.


Do you recognize this?

Reading a study book takes you days, you don’t finish it, postpone or don’t read it at all?

You don’t get to the piles of reading for your work or study?
Do you find yourself wandering of much time while reading
You “think out loud in your head” a lot and read a kind of “voicing.”

When you don’t know what to read because of the full range of information
You feel stress or anxious to start a new study and postpone the study.
You experience that you cannot easily remember what you have read.
Overviewing and structuring the information at the end is difficult
Difficult to get the core of the book

Not good huh?

When you have completed smartreading, you have:

Much more productivity is achieved because your reading speed is 4x faster, your comprehension of what you have read is much better.
Much more peace of mind and control over the amount of material to be read
Easier to see the connections, analysis is a lot better
Better understanding and creativity to solve complex problems
Ability to remember information easily
More spare time for family and friends.

SmartReading has a beneficial effect on dyslexia too.

Not convinced yet?

There is no better proof than that the participants tell themselves.

Listen to Kevin


Silent Mind techniques

Why it’s so important to be utterly relaxed while reading?

SmartReading teaches Silent Mind techniques, which go beyond just telling you that you need to be relaxed. The Smart method will show you advanced relaxation techniques, which will break through the vicious circle of tension and negative ‘loops and beliefs’ in the way you think.

Traditional speed-reading courses rely too much on repetition and ignore the knowledge we now have of our ‘whole-brain.’ When using the full range of possibilities of accelerated learning techniques, your brain’s efficiency increases enormously. 

Brainwaves during the SmartReading training

Relaxation techniques are an integral part of the SmartReading course. Reading in a more relaxed state ensures and enhances the cooperation of both brain hemispheres. Due to these techniques, you will learn to SmartRead very fast, and when you do, you will remember more details, which in turn is very beneficial for your confidence.

Alpha waves

Alpha waves (8-12 Hz.) occur when you are in a relaxed state. When you are in your Alpha state, you are comfortable and alert. The state in which your visual ‘triggers’ are processed. In this state, your thinking abilities are optimal. Studies have shown that being in an Alpha state makes you calmer and more focused. This, in turn, ensures that you are more able to give aimed attention. New information will be memorized better, and you will be faster at recalling that information when you are in the Alpha state. Alpha waves are the best waves for study.

Beta waves

Beta waves (16-38 Hz.) are the waves that ensure your survival. When you are in a Beta state, your brain solves problems and reacts quickly to situations. You can measure Beta waves in your mind when you are in a state of anger, fear, aggression, or when you want to escape (fight or flight mode). In beta, you are tensed up, and your memory will work less well.

Theta waves

Theta waves (4-8 Hz) are your “creative” waves. These waves can be seen when you fall asleep or just before you wake up. Sometimes you see clearly what has been done correctly or not. It is like a moment of insight. Many people have their best ideas in a Theta state because they feel relaxed. When you come home after a long drive on the road, for example, and you wonder if you stopped for that red traffic light, you would have been acting from the subconscious part of the brain, which is not available to the conscious part. Theta waves can also occur while you are staring into space or daydreaming.

Delta waves

Delta waves (0.5-4 Hz.) occur in babies’ brains and during deep sleep. The deeper you sleep, the slower your brain waves are. In this state, you will remember events from your early childhood.

Gamma waves

Gamma waves (38-80 Hz.) only start at 38 Hz. and go as far as 80 Hz. In the Gamma state, you have an increased perceptive ability. In this state, you are capable of solving problems with an incredibly high level of awareness.


Your brain is visual-oriented

With SmartReading a lot of possibilities arise.
“We are all ‘Einstein’s’, no matter the degree of the student.”

SmartReading helps you concentrate better and read super-fast by reading paragraphs visually while your ‘internal dialogue’ will not distract you.

Time efficiently: you can read 6 to 10 times faster
Improves understanding: your brain is capable of understanding 1.500+ words a minute instead of 250 words a minute
Improves your memory: SmartReading helps you remember more naturally and enhances your memory by 30%
Enhances concentration: Your internal dialogue doesn’t interfere, and your level of concentration rises enormously

Goal orientated your mind is fully focused on putting the information into action to achieve your goal.

Why is SmartReading so unique?

SmartReading is based on “science of mind” and “neuro-linguistic programming”!

You will be able to not interfere with yourself while reading and understand the information better. It lets you read relaxed and visually, like watching a movie. This brain-friendly method applies to each learning style.

The difference.

What is the difference between the normal way of reading and reading with the smart method? The old-fashioned way of reading compared with SmartReading tells you why! Why dyslexia is there and how dyslexia is gone when reading with the smart method.

Reading in the usual fashion way.

You first see the words, then you sub-vocalize the words, and then you know the meaning. Our brain tends to think about the information we read at the same moment that we are reading—a big struggle and not possible at the same time. We have learned something we can’t do in the process of reading itself. Your brain can’t multitask. It can’t absorb and recall information at the same time. The school has been teaching us to think while reading, which we can’t do in the reading process itself. No matter the degree of the student.

Your brain always compares your old knowledge with the information which you are reading. We try to find acknowledgment or confirmation—also a big struggle and not possible simultaneously. 

Skipping back because you have no clue

Besides this struggling way of reading, you tend “to write a new book in your thoughts.” Because of this behavior, thinking about the text, we don’t read what is there, and yes, you have to skip back. This skipping back again occurs because you have no real understanding of the next part of the text. After all, you were thinking about the previous part of the book and were not reading at all. Sometimes, this behavior occurs multiple times on a page. This is also why the attention of most of the students is floating away. No matter the degree of the student. No matter how long they are learning or how much they are reading. No matter if the student is familiar with reading and organizing their thoughts, whether young or senior. The brain is functioning in the same way.

With SmartReading, your brain instantly knows the information in detail.

Because you have a dictionary in your head, reading is recognizing. With the right techniques, such as the smart method, you instantly know and understand the information you read. This is only possible with the method of visual reading and the concept we deliver. This is why most forms of dyslexia are no dyslexia at all. When you read the word house, you don’t have to think about that word, and you instantly know what you read. Research has proven that we create a visual dictionary in our heads.

Concentration instead of thinking while reading

While reading visually, which enhances the speed of reading enormously, and the tendency of thinking floats away. You experience a very high level of concentration. Because of this high level of concentration, you will read more details, and in the end, you will know more in-depth about what you have been reading.

Skipping back belongs to the past.

Since you have a dictionary in your head and your brain recognizes and instantly knows and understands the information you read, you don’t have to skip back. This is only possible with the smart method of visual reading. The student can be in the now while reading and absorbs the written information in the best imaginable way, enhancing reading and learning quality. The student postpones the retrieval of information and then can organize his thoughts. Discuss all the concepts in-depth and the ideas in detail.

Besides the above benefits, SmartReading has a very positive effect on those students who say they have dyslexia. In the 25 years now that SmartReading is on the market, we believe that the students we have been training didn’t have dyslexia. The Language Brain Areas create his environment where the student reads slowly and “softly speaking out loud” the words while reading. It is well-known that learn how to learn is not a topic in most schools and universities. Our mission is to change this, and bit by bit, slowly but steadily, it is changing.

Having the skill SmartReading, it seems like dyslexia is of the earth.

See the article of Brain-visual-dictionary-treat-dyslexia.


See and listen to what others have to say

There is no better proof than that the participants tell themselves

Think about your future!


SmartReading explained in an interview by Paul


Paul van der Velde
Paul van der VeldeCourse Tutor
Paul has dived in several types of education. It began with High School. During high school, I developed an interest in the mind and human behavior. I studied Science of Mind and Granted in San Diego, California.

I am an internationally certified trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, certified in Belgium and New York. Furthermore, I did Psychology, Rational emotive therapy, Transactional Analysis, and various higher education courses and workshops like Foundation and Calc Action Learning, dynamic judgment in a business environment, and various other programs.

For several years Paul has held managerial positions, and in 1992 he started his own company Global Edutainment. I am the founder en developer of the unique study and speedread method SmartReading. Two main leading publishers, in Belgium and the Netherlands, asked me to write a book about the unique system: “Read a book in just one hour.” We translated the book into English. I wrote various publications in newspapers and magazines and also did multiple appearances as a guest speaker in Dutch television programs.

The methods in SmartReading derives from various disciplines within psychology, NLP, and identifying beliefs. The technique transforms inner strategies in creating awareness and recognizing one’s potential.

Nationality: Dutch
Date of birth: 28 December 1959

Join too already thousands of Students enjoying the smart method!