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During the online training, you can contact me at any time.
I can serve you by e-mail, zoom and teams.

SmartReading online is the perfect tool to enhance your visual reading skills and study habits. With this program, you’ll be able to analyze information more efficiently, make connections more seamlessly, and potentially alleviate any struggles related to dyslexia. By activating your “reading center,” you’ll experience increased concentration, faster reading speed, and improved retention of information. So, if you want to take your learning to the next level, SmartReading online is the way.

Build Your Future With SmartReading

Why – The online setup ensures that you quickly master the smart method

How – Through videos, animations, exercises, and communication with us

What – Read and better understand your textbooks, reports, professional literature, and other texts

Integration – Because of the latest “brain techniques.”

Career – Create more creative solutions and study more easily

Dyslexia and your future with smartReading

The new reading automation with the smart method will make you read visually. As a result, the smart process has a beneficial effect on dyslexia.

Have less or no more dyslexia.

Customized For Quick Learning

Learning the smart method online as if you were doing it in class, but at home.
The setup has been carefully designed so that you can master the smart method quickly and easily.

See the movie below for what you will learn.

During and after the online part, there is support by e-mail, zoom, and teams.

For business, students, and youth.

It is recommended to learn the online version from the age of 11.

After the online training, you will read a book of 250 pages in ± 2 hours, and you will remember more!



Read at least 4 times faster and instead of 54% you will remember 80% to 90%.

Visual reading

Read multiple lines to paragraphs at once with more concentration and better memory.

Goal setting

Targeted reading increases your understanding at a detailed level.

During and after the online training, you will read visually, and you will study smarter. You analyze faster and make connections more easily. You will suffer less or no more from dyslexia. With SmartReading online, you will activate your “reading center.” This allows you to read visually, your concentration increases, you read faster, and you remember more.

Ask any questions you have. We are happy to answer them all.



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